Soundcraft MFI12 met ingebouwde Lexicon effecten generator
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Inclusief rack oren om in te bouwen in een 19" case.
12 mono kanalen + 2 stereo kanalen


Frequency Response
Mic / Line Input to any Output +/-1.5dB, 20Hz – 20kHz
Mic Sensitivity -30dBu, +14dBu @ Mix output < 0.01% @ 1kHz
Mic Input E.I.N. (maximum gain) -126.5dBu (150O source)
Aux, Mix and Masters (@ 0dB, faders down) < -85dBu
Crosstalk (@ 1kHz)
Channel Mute > 96dB
Aux Send Pots Offness > 86dB
EQ (Mono Inputs) 
HF 12kHz, +/-15dB
MF (swept) 150Hz – 3.5kHz, +/-15dB
LF 80Hz, +/-15dB
Q 1.5
EQ (Stereo Inputs) 
HF 12kHz, +/-15dB
MF 720Hz, +/-15dB
LF 80Hz, +/-15dB
Power Consumption Less than 40W
Operating Conditions
Temperature Range 5°C to +40°C
Input & Output Levels
Mic Input +15dBu max.
Line Input +30dBu max.
Stereo Input +30dBu max.
Mix Output +20dBu max.
Headphones (@150O) 300mW
Recommended headphones impedance 32 – 200O
Input & Output Impedances
Mic Input 2kO
Line Input 10kO
Stereo Input 45kO
Outputs 150kO (balanced), 75O (unbalanced)
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