Door de stijgende vraag naar P.A. tafels hebben we ervoor gekozen om onze investeringen in PRO materiaal door te trekken in de P.A. tafels. Zo hebben we geopteerd voor deze Soundcraft MH2 40/4 als tussen stap tussen de GB8 en de MH3. Verder is deze MH2 40/4 ook perfect inzetbaar als monitortafel bij de MH3 40/4 tafel. Deze tafel word ook overal geaccepteerd in de professionele p.a. wereld.

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Soundcraft MH2
Soundcraft MH2 master section


* Frame sizes: 40+4 
* Styling based closely on MH3/4, with a single-piece front panel
* MH3/4 mic amp design with 50dB range plus -20dB level shift and separate 1/4" Line input
* Swept high-pass filter and 4-band EQ (all bands swept)
* 10 Auxes, of which 2 can be switched to create 1 x stereo send
* Pre/post fader switching in pairs (except 5-8 as one block of 4)
* 8 full-time Group busses with paired routing
* LCR panning on inputs-mix
* 8 VCAs and 6 Mute Groups
* 4 Stereo Input channels with mic/line capability
* 4 stereo line returns with 3-band fixed EQ, returns can route to output channels
* 11×4 Matrix built-in
* 10 x linear 60mm output faders, plus 8 rotary output faders with SWAP facility to allow linear faders to control either all 10 Auxes or 8 Grps and 2 Auxes
* Inserts on Groups and Mix outputs (Group insert moves between Grp & Aux)
* 12-segment Input and Output metering
* Central assignment of VCA Groups, with individual LED displays per channel

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